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3 Facts About TMJ Malibu, CA

3 Facts About TMJ

San Francisco CA TMJ Expert

If you suffer from TMD contact Dr. Bob Perkins, DDS to discuss how he can help you find relief from your pain and discomfort associated with TMD. Dr. Perkins offers you conveniently located, high-tech practice in Malibu and New York. He’s happy to serve you alongside his compassionate team.

TMJ (temporomandibular joints)

TMJ is the name of the two joints that connect your jawbone to your skull. It is your bilateral synovial articulation between your temporal bone in your skull and your mandible. It helps with the rotational movement of your jaw and gliding motion. The ligaments that are associated with your temporomandibular joints define the farthest extent of your jaw movements. A normal full jaw opening is 40-50 millimeters. This measurement is taken from the edge of your lower front teeth to the edge of your upper front teeth.

TMJ Displacement

If your temporomandibular joint is displaced it can be very painful. If your disc is displaced it can cause a popping or clicking sound that can be felt and heard at times.  This displacement is very painful and uncomfortable.


Temporomandibular Disorder is a dysfunction of the TMJ and your muscles that help your jaw move. The cause of TMD is unknown but it can arise due to many factors. Some common causes include: injury, grinding or clenching of your teeth, arthritis, stress and irregular movements in your jaw.

Contact Dr. Bob Perkins, DDS today so he can get you on the road to relief from your TMD. He loves helping his patients have a smile that is beautiful and painless.


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