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How Do We Correct TMJ Problems Malibu, CA

How Do We Correct TMJ Problems

We must evaluate the bite fist… no matter what else is happening (clicking joints, ear congestion, dizziness, ringing in the ears, etc.) nothing will resolve unless the bite is in a balanced physiologic position. Addressing these overworking muscles that are tight and painful due to the bite requires changing the bite. We can change your bite comfortably, non invasively, and non surgically on a trial basis. We can do this in about 30 minutes. We can give you a bite position on a trial basis that is coincidental with your jaw being in it’s most relaxed position. We do this by allowing the jaw to relax forward and then bonding acrylic to the lower back teeth temporarily in order to create a new bite in this position. You will leave the office in a new bite that requires your muscles to relax in order to fit properly into that bite. You will almost certainly notice that your facial proportions improve and you will likely notice an improvement in your sleep due to the fact that your lower jaw is now not forced back into the throat. It’s more forward posture allows for more tongue space and more airway to pass for unobstructed breathing.

We call this process Phase I and we are prepared to do Phase I on the fist visit. Again, it is a trial phase and totally reversible. If we get the results we expect (usually within the few weeks) then we will present options to make this new, comfortable and symptom free bite permanent. We may find that your upper jaw is too far back as well and we may find that your upper jaw is too narrow. These issues can be explored as well.

What Causes Ear Congestion and Dizziness and Ringing in the Ears

These types of TMJ issues are provoked by the condyle of the mandible being overly compressed in the socket. If your lower jaw is retruded, the condyle will often be compressed as well because the what happens with the bite affects the condyle/fossa relationship.