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TMJ & TMD Specialist Camarillo, CA

You deserve to be free from jaw pain and other symptoms that accompany temporomandibular joint syndrome, also known as TMJ or TMD. If you live in the Camarillo area and want to get relief from TMJ, come see the expert in TMD treatment. Dr. Bob Perkins, DDS, is a TMJ specialist that offers quick and effective treatment for jaw joint disorders at his office in Malibu.

TMJ Syndrome Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

TMJ syndrome is a complex disorder that can stem from many different conditions that affect the muscles, nerves and joints in the jaw. Jaw and facial injuries, arthritis, bite misalignment, imbalanced arches and other stresses to the jaw can cause TMJ syndrome. Finding the cause can help relieve the symptoms that can accompany TMJ. Dr. Perkins’ innovative treatments can help relieve many symptoms that are linked to TMD, including:

  • Tenderness or swelling in the jaw and face
  • Jaw movement noises like popping, grinding or clicking
  • Problems chewing
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Shoulder and neck pain caused by TMJ
  • Earaches and ringing in the ears
  • Sleeping problems

Dr. Perkins understands how stress on the jaw can cause these symptoms and creates a treatment plan to relieve pressure and stop the pain. Many people with TMJ syndrome experience relief from their symptoms immediately when treatment begins, with long-term freedom from TMD discomfort.

Jaw Pain Relief

The position of the jaw, teeth and arches can all be factors causing TMJ symptoms. Dr. Perkins uses his extensive knowledge and training in this specialized field to implement repositioning and resetting of the jaw joint and muscles to give relief to our patients with TMD. Using advanced imaging and a thorough examination, Dr. Perkins can pinpoint the cause. He will then use his specialized technique to relieve jaw pain and other symptoms for improved comfort and function in the jaw.

Camarillo residents with TMJ have quick access to specialized treatment for their jaw disorder. Contact our office in Malibu today to schedule your initial exam and consultation with Dr. Perkins to get relief from your TMJ pain.