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TMJ & TMD Specialist Glendale, CA

Are you struggling with jaw pain or dysfunction due to TMJ in Glendale? Temporomandibular joint syndrome or disorder, referred to as TMJ or TMD, can cause a host of different symptoms and impact the quality of your life. Dr. Bob Perkins is a TMJ specialist that offers relief from TMJ, helping our patients overcome pain, jaw function issues and radiating discomfort from TMD. Our office in Burbank welcomes patients from Glendale and the surrounding area to finally receive the treatment they need for TMJ relief.

TMJ Syndrome Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

TMJ syndrome is not a singular condition, but a variety of issues that stem from the temporomandibular joint area. It is not a simple cause and effect issue, as the cause is not always known. Symptoms can range from direct pain in the jaw to indirect pain or discomfort in the neck, ears or shoulders. Some of the sources of TMJ pain can be misaligned teeth or bite, damage to the jaw from trauma, arthritis or stress from teeth grinding. The symptoms can also vary including:

  • Headaches or migraines
  • Neck or shoulder pain
  • Jaw pain
  • Clicking, popping or locking of the jaw
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Ear aches or ringing in the ear
  • Trouble sleeping

These symptoms can often be misdiagnosed or misunderstood. It is important to have a specialist, like Dr. Perkins, that understands the complexity of TMJ and the best options for treatment.

Jaw Pain Relief

To offer relief for TMJ, Dr. Perkins performs a thorough examination to determine the cause of the pain. He measures for misalignment of the arches, teeth and bite and uses imaging to view the bones, teeth and muscles in the jaw. His specialized technique of resetting and repositioning the arches can offer immediate relief from jaw pain and other symptoms. With ongoing treatment, our patients experience long-term improvement in their jaw function and freedom from their symptoms.

If you live in Glendale and are seeking a TMJ specialist to get relief from your jaw pain, headaches or sleeping issues, come see us at our Burbank office. Contact us today to schedule your appointment for TMJ treatment.