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How Neuromuscular Orthodontics Can Improve TMJ and Facial Balance Malibu, CA

How Neuromuscular Orthodontics Can Improve TMJ and Facial Balance

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Neuromuscular orthodontics is an innovative approach to orthodontic treatment that focuses on achieving a balanced and harmonious relationship between the teeth, jaw joints, and facial muscles. This specialized approach can play a significant role in improving temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders and promoting facial balance, which Bob Perkins, DDS and our team at the Southern California TMJ and Sleep Center offer for our patients.

Neuromuscular orthodontics aims to optimize the alignment of the jaw joints, promoting proper function and reducing stress on the TMJ. This can lead to significant relief from TMJ disorders, which are often characterized by symptoms such as jaw pain, headaches, clicking or popping sounds in the jaw, and difficulty in opening or closing the mouth. By addressing the underlying issues contributing to TMJ problems, neuromuscular orthodontics can alleviate discomfort and restore normal jaw function.

One of the key goals of neuromuscular orthodontics is to achieve optimal jaw alignment. Misaligned jaws can contribute to facial asymmetry, which may be a source of dissatisfaction for individuals. By correcting the position of the jaws, neuromuscular orthodontics can improve facial symmetry and create a more balanced and harmonious appearance. By addressing the underlying causes of TMJ disorders and facial asymmetry, this approach offers lasting results that can improve both oral health and aesthetics over time.

Reduction of Facial Tension

Facial tension and muscle strain are common symptoms of TMJ disorders. Neuromuscular orthodontics addresses these issues by optimizing the alignment of the jaw and its relationship with the facial muscles. This, in turn, can reduce facial tension, leading to a more relaxed and rejuvenated appearance. Individuals may notice a decrease in the appearance of stress-related lines and creases in their face.

Restored Dental Function

TMJ disorders can impact dental function, including problems with biting and chewing. Neuromuscular orthodontics aims to restore proper dental function by aligning the teeth and jaws. This can lead to improved oral health, as individuals can maintain better oral hygiene, experience less dental wear, and enjoy a more comfortable bite.

Comprehensive Approach

Neuromuscular orthodontics takes a comprehensive approach to oral health and facial balance. It considers not only the alignment of the teeth but also the position of the jaws and the interaction with the facial muscles. This holistic approach ensures that the entire oral-facial system functions optimally, resulting in improved facial aesthetics and overall well-being. Improved facial balance and relief from TMJ-related pain and discomfort can also boost an individual’s self-confidence. When people feel more comfortable in their own skin and are free from the constraints of facial pain and asymmetry, they tend to exhibit a happier and more self-assured facial expression.

Non-Surgical Facelift

Neuromuscular orthodontics doesn’t just address the functional aspects of the jaw and face; it also considers the aesthetic aspects. By achieving balanced facial proportions, reducing facial tension, and aligning the teeth properly, this approach can contribute to a more attractive and youthful appearance, resulting in a non-surgical facelift.

Neuromuscular orthodontics offers a holistic and effective approach to improving TMJ disorders and promoting facial balance. By addressing jaw alignment, reducing facial tension, and optimizing dental function, this specialized orthodontic treatment can lead to both functional and cosmetic benefits. If you are experiencing TMJ issues or are concerned about facial asymmetry, consider consulting with Bob Perkins, DDS, who specializes in neuromuscular orthodontics to explore the potential benefits of this approach for your individual needs. Contact one of our centers in southern California to schedule your consultation.

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