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Is Your Jaw Pain Related to Poor Tooth Alignment? Malibu, CA

Is Your Jaw Pain Related to Poor Tooth Alignment?

Malibu CA TMJ Treatments

Have you heard dentists or orthodontists suggest that crooked teeth can cause TMJ pain? It’s true: tooth alignment can play a role in straining your jaw. Here’s why:

Crooked Teeth Are Bad for Your TMJ

When teeth are lined up in a healthy and normal position, they can comfortably close together when you chew. But misaligned teeth may stick out and keep your jaw from closing all the way.

Imagine trying to staple together a few papers while there is a paperclip stuck between the paper and the stapler, preventing it from closing down all the way. That’s the kind of stress your jaw might experience if you have a tooth or two sticking out of line. Your TMJ has to work harder and make atypical movements when your bite isn’t optimal.

You may not feel the strain right away, but it can harm your TMJ over time.

What’s Causing Your TMJ Pain?

TMJ disorder (TMD) can be caused by a variety of factors; there may be more than one at play if you have jaw pain.

Causes of TMD include everything from poor tooth alignment to an accident, or a tooth-grinding or nail-biting habit. An experienced TMJ doctor in Malibu, CA can help you identify the issues that can be treated.

Relief from Jaw Pain by Fixing Your Teeth

Crooked teeth don’t just affect the way your smile looks. They also affect the way it feels. A bite splint or braces may be more helpful to you than you thought. If you’re concerned that your misaligned teeth may cause TMJ trouble or if you already have jaw pain, then you need to see a specialist.

Call Dr. Perkins at Bob Perkins, DDS. His expertise in both TMJ/TMD treatment and orthodontics will help your smile reach its fullest potential.


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