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TMJ Jaw Pain Relief Malibu, CA

TMJ Jaw Pain Relief

When your jaw is in pain, everyday activities can be uncomfortable. Speaking, eating, sleeping and even smiling can cause you pain. Ongoing jaw discomfort is often due to TMJ syndrome, a multitude of symptoms that involve the temporomandibular joints in the jaw and the muscles that move them. At our office in Malibu, Dr. Bob Perkins offers treatment to help minimize and treat chronic jaw pain, often stopping the pain in one treatment.

For those with TMJ or TMD, jaw pain is one of the most common symptoms. The pressure and stress on the jaw that is the source of TMJ can make it tender and sore, especially when chewing or talking. To get relief, the pressure or dysfunction in the jaw must be rectified. This can be accomplished with orthodontics and other dental procedures, but it can also be relieved with physical therapy. Dr. Perkins is a TMJ specialist that understands the movement and mechanisms in the jaw. These movements can lead to jaw pain if there is imbalance or misalignment. Subtle adjustments, massage and repositioning the lower jaw can often relieve jaw pain immediately when performed by a TMJ specialist.

Causes of Jaw Pain

While finding the cause of some cases of TMJ can be difficult, many times the evidence is available to pinpoint the problem. Using a thorough examination and images of the bones, teeth and muscles in the jaw, Dr. Perkins can usually find the reason for jaw pain. Some of the common causes include trauma or injury, misaligned teeth, imbalanced arches, genetic factors and behavioral issues. Undercovering the cause of TMJ jaw pain is important to determine the best course of action for treatment to give you relief.

If you live in Malibu and are ready to find a solution for your TMJ jaw pain, contact our office at Bob Perkins, DDS today. We can help you find the cause of your jaw pain and offer quick relief and long-term treatment solutions.