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TMJ Physical Therapy Malibu, CA

TMJ Physical Therapy

Your mouth and jaw are comprised of many moving parts, with the temporomandibular joint, muscles, teeth, tongue and ligaments all working together to chew, yawn, speak and smile. TMJ syndrome occurs when any of these components become misaligned, fatigued, imbalanced or have other issues. Like other areas of the body, physical therapy can be used to restore the balance in these components. This is similar, in theory, to therapy after a knee or other joint injury. At Bob Perkins, DDS, in Malibu, we offer TMJ physical therapy to relieve pain and other symptoms to improve oral and overall health for our patients.

Some cases of TMJ may require orthodontics or dental treatments to resolve issues in the bite and arch alignment. However, if the muscles are knotted or have another strain, it may be possible to massage or adjust them to improve comfort in the jaw. Dr. Perkins uses specialized techniques to release tension in the jaw and adjust the lower jaw into a more balanced position. This procedure can be performed in one session and often gives immediate pain relief for those suffering from TMJ.

Non-Invasive TMJ Treatment

Whenever possible, Dr. Perkins prefers to use a non-invasive approach for treating TMJ syndrome. If discomfort, dysfunction or pain can be remedied through TMJ physical therapy, it is worth using this approach over other treatments. For most patients, physical therapy can help relieve TMJ pain and other symptoms, even if other treatments like orthodontics are also needed.

If you live in the Malibu area and want relief from your TMJ symptoms, come visit us at Bob Perkins, DDS. We are TMJ specialists that can uncover the cause of your jaw joint issue and create a treatment plan for sustained relief, including the use of TMJ physical therapy. Contact our office today to schedule your TMJ consultation.