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TMJ/TMD Causes Malibu, CA

TMJ/TMD Causes

Understanding the causes of temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ/TMD, is crucial to determining the best TMJ treatment plan to get relief. The experts at Bob Perkins, DDS, can help you uncover the reasons behind your TMJ symptoms. They can create a personalized plan to stop the pain and discomfort of your jaw joint problem at our office in Malibu.

Specialist Explains What Causes TMJ

Dr. Bob Perkins has spent decades learning about TMJ and understanding the underlying issues that can lead to this disorder. While the symptoms may be similar for many patients, the reason they have TMJ syndrome can be very different. Once Dr. Perkins performs a comprehensive exam, he can usually find the related factors that are causing the stress on the jaw joint and surrounding tissue. He will then determine a specialized treatment plan to offer relief.

Traumatic Impact
Like any part of the body, when the jaw is damaged due to an injury or traumatic impact, it can have long-term consequences. Injury to the muscles or bone in the jaw can create positioning issues that lead to TMJ symptoms, even if the injury occurred many years before the symptoms appeared.
Imbalanced Bite
When the teeth or bite do not fit correctly, extra stress can be placed on the muscles and joints in the jaw. This can cause wear and tear on the joint, chewing dysfunction and result in pain in the jaw. It can also impact the neck area, a common site of TMJ symptoms.
All in the Family
TMJ syndrome may be something you were born with, even if you only recently began experiencing symptoms. Some genetic factors can come into play with TMJ. You may have been born with teeth that are too small or too large, putting extra stress on your jaw. There may also be other genetic factors that influence your jaw health.
Collar Connection
How you hold your neck and shoulders can impact how you chew and place stress on your jaw. Not only can TMJ cause neck pain, but neck or collar issues can be a factor in causing TMJ.

If you live in Malibu and are ready to get to the source of your TMJ symptoms, contact us at the office of Bob Perkins, DDS, in Malibu. We can find the cause of your TMD and offer effective treatments to give you relief.