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Mouth Tape for Profound Health and Esthetic Benefits Malibu, CA

Mouth Tape for Profound Health and Esthetic Benefits

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Nothing is more important to health than oxygen. Only Nose breathing delivers oxygen properly.

Scientists have discovered that 90 percent of us–very likely you, me, and almost everyone you know–is breathing incorrectly and this failure is either causing or aggravating a laundry list of chronic diseases

From the book “Breath” by James Nestor

Oxygen! It always seems to point to that. Nothing is more important to health than oxygen, not water, food, exercise, etc.. Oxygen gives life….it prevents diseases, it strengthens all body processes. It is crucial to alertness, mental acuity, and our ability to focus.

I think that one of the great failings of western medicine is to not recognize the incredible importance of oxygen and…to treat all air as being equal. It’s 2021 and we still don’t take oxygen seriously. We still don’t ask our health professionals to understand how crucial it is to take in unobstructed oxygen as much as we possibly can. Studies show that 90% of all people with sleep apnea go undiagnosed. That is inexcusable. How many of our children have chronic airway obstruction that starves them of the imperative levels of oxygen needed to nourish the body and mind? A ton of them!

So, what is mouth tape and why can it be an easy and incredibly effective way to change your life? Mouth tape is tape that is either placed over the mouth (at night) or tape that goes around the mouth (at night) and offers resistance to the mouth opening…

Mouth tape forces a person to breathe through their nose (at night)–the only place where air should be taken in. Breathing through the nose prepares the air to be taken in by the lungs. It’s that simple. This preparation is incredibly valuable. It dramatically increases the oxygen content of the air due to the fact that the sinuses release nitric oxide and increase oxygen saturation of the air. The sinuses also release an anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal component into the air. It heats, and filters the air. Breathing through the nose delivers air at a much high pressure and to deeper parts of the lungs to make oxygenation much more efficient.

There is probably nothing I do in my practice that is more universally successful than handing out mouth tape to patients to try out. To a man they all want to know where to buy it. They become habitual mouth tape users. The responses range from:

  • “I have tons more energy”
  • “I slept better than I have in years”
  • “I feel more relaxed and less anxious”
  • and more.

Why? Because they are getting much higher levels of oxygen into their system which allows their body and mind to be recharged, revitalized, and protective.

As far back as 1931 it was discovered that oxygen starved cells in the body are prone to develop into cancerous cells. When you breath through your mouth you are not getting proper amounts of oxygen. You will not be as effective at fighting Covid, viruses, cancer, auto-immune diseases, Alzheimer’s and more.

A recent study identified 61% of people as mouth breathers (by their own account).

Mouth breathing is a horrible way to breath. It’s not breathing as it was intended. No other animal on our planet breathes through their mouth.

Oxygen isn’t the only reason to breath through your nose. Mouth breathing will change the way your face develops. It will contribute greatly to crowded teeth, a retruded lower jaw, flat cheek bones, poorly angled front teeth….and an increased likelihood of TMJ, sleep apnea and more.

Mouth tape can be used safely by anyone 4 years and up. Mouth Tape available today offers resistance to mouth breathing but it doesn’t actually cover your lips.

If you or your child has upper airway blockage then see a qualified ENT and check for blockages of which there are many. If you or your child have allergies then inquire about that….use Flonase (2 weeks only due to steroid), Breath Rite strips, xylitol, humidifier, neti pot, etc…

Fight for your right to breath Oxygen!!

Food for thought….


Posted on behalf of Bob Perkins, DDS

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