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TMJ Orthodontics Malibu, CA

TMJ Orthodontics

At Bob Perkins, DDS, we approach orthodontics differently. While straight teeth are what many people think about when they hear the term orthodontics, oral and overall health are our focus when it comes to orthodontic treatment. We look at the bigger picture to determine how aligning teeth and the jaw can improve your health and your smile, using advanced techniques for the best results. Our office in New York City serves patients from the Manhattan area that are seeking orthodontic treatment for many different issues.

Orthodontics can help treat more than just crooked teeth or an overbite. Many different issues, including TMJ syndrome, can be caused by poor teeth and jaw positioning. We approach orthodontics both from a health and cosmetic angle to achieve results that can benefit our patients. It is more than just shifting the teeth but also looking at the framework of the mouth and jaw to ensure alignment. Our orthodontic experts use up to three phases to complete orthodontic care for our patients. The phases are tooth expansion, upper/lower jaw enhancement and teeth straightening. This can include braces and clear aligners, as well as other orthodontic treatments.

Our team effectively treats issues like TMJ/TMD, airway obstructive sleep apnea, oral breathing, chronic headaches and crooked smiles through orthodontic care. This can include re-positioning the jaw and aligning the teeth and arches for a beautiful smile and relief from many dental-based disorders.

Gummy Smile Treatment

Showing too much gum when you smile is not ideal. Many people are self-conscious because they have a “gummy” smile and may hide their grin. There are options to reduce the gummy appearance. However, many involve surgery, either surgically reducing the size of the upper jaw or removing bone and gum tissue to reveal more teeth for a less “gummy” smile. At Bob Perkins, DDS, we have other, less invasive options.

Whenever possible, we want to avoid surgery for our patients. To improve the appearance of a gummy smile, we offer two options. Laser removal of excess gum tissue is one option that can be done at our office to reveal more teeth and less gum when you smile. Another option is raising teeth up to show more tooth, without the need for surgery.

If you want orthodontic treatment in Manhattan that goes beyond just straightening your smile, come see us at Bob Perkins, DDS. Contact our office in NYC today to schedule your orthodontic consultation.