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TMJ Physical Therapy Malibu, CA

TMJ Physical Therapy

With temporomandibular joint disorders, or TMJ/TMD, often the issue resides in the muscles and nerves within the jaw. When these tissues become strained, knotted or misaligned, they can put undue stress on the jaw and cause pain. Physical therapy is an effective treatment for relieving many of the symptoms associated with TMJ syndrome, repositioning and correcting issues in the jaw muscles. At Bob Perkins, DDS, in NYC, we offer TMJ physical therapy to offer relief from TMD and jaw pain.

Dr. Perkins is a leading TMJ specialist that has extensive experience and training in treating TMJ. His understanding of the complexities that cause this disorder give him a unique perspective on treating TMJ. Using advanced technology and expertise in finding the underlying causes and creating a customized treatment plan is his specialty. One of the most effective and non-invasive options to get immediate and long-term relief from TMJ is physical therapy.

Relief from TMJ Symptoms

Physical therapy can be used to gently reposition and massage the muscles that can cause TMJ symptoms. Dr. Perkins has an in-depth understanding of the neuromuscular components in the jaw. This allows him to manipulate this area, releasing pressure on the jaw joint. Often, the arches of the mouth are imbalanced, causing stress on the jaw. Repositioning the lower jaw to balance the arches can offer almost immediate pain relief for many patients. For others, using physical therapy to relax knotted or strained muscles can be successful in treating the symptoms associated with TMJ.

TMJ syndrome can be complicated, and treating the symptoms requires extensive knowledge and experience. Dr. Perkins has proven success helping to heal TMJ through specialized techniques, using the least invasive options like physical therapy whenever possible. If you live in Manhattan or the New York City area and are suffering from TMJ, contact our office today to schedule a consultation. Learn more about getting pain relief for your symptoms through physical therapy and other TMJ treatment options.