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TMJ/TMD Treatment Malibu, CA

TMJ Treatment

When you suffer from temporomandibular joint disorder or syndrome, commonly referred to as TMJ or TMD, you may have a wide variety of symptoms. Jaw pain, facial swelling, locking/popping in the jaw, headaches and a sore neck are just a few of the possible symptoms. Treatment can help relieve these symptoms, especially if you seek the help of a TMJ specialist. Dr. Bob Perkins is an experienced TMJ specialist with an office in New York City to help those suffering from TMJ syndrome.

Treating TMJ can be complicated due to the array of possible causes and symptoms. TMJ is not one disorder. It is a category of many different issues that can impact the jaw joint and surrounding muscles and nerves. It is important to have a specialist that has a full understanding of how the components of the jaw are impacted by teeth, alignment, disease and other factors. They need to have the knowledge of TMJ being the catalyst for symptoms throughout the head and neck area. Dr. Perkins has studied and treated TMJ for over two decades, offering immediate and long-term relief with his advanced TMJ treatment methods.

TMJ Specialist

Dr. Perkins’ expertise in treating TMJ syndrome has made him one of the top specialists in the country. His understanding of the complexities of this disorder and the options in treating this condition successfully have helped our patients receive the relief they need. As a TMJ specialist, Dr. Perkins carefully diagnoses the cause of TMJ pain and symptoms to find the right treatment option for each patient. Using the most advanced imaging and equipment, Dr. Perkins ensures our patients get a customized treatment plan that will address their specific issue and give them relief from their TMJ symptoms.

If you live or work in Manhattan and are suffering from TMJ syndrome, schedule an appointment with Bob Perkins, DDS, for treatment. Our office in New York City offers the most advanced treatment options for TMJ, with many patients experiencing immediate relief with their first treatment. Contact our office today to book your first visit to NYC’s best TMJ specialist.