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Olympic Inspired Athleticism May Cause Olympic Inspired Accidents Malibu, CA

Olympic Inspired Athleticism May Cause Olympic Inspired Accidents

Los Angeles CA Dentist That Treats TMJ

Why is it that everyone is glued to the televisions during this month to watch the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang? Is it to watch the amazing feats of athleticism? Is it to fuel the competitive fire that you have? The events, such as the ones involving skiing, provide these reasons for viewing for sure. However, we’d venture to say that the reason we all tune into the Winter Olympics is for inspiration.

If you’re searching for inspiration, there’s not better place to find it than when watching the Olympics. However, they may inspire you to try a sport or stunt that you’re not possibly ready or equipped for. When this happens, accidents may happen as well.

Did you know that TMJ may be caused by traumatic impact? Physical contact or impact against your jaw muscle can seriously damage the structure and functionality significantly of the ligaments and tendons within it. If you or your little athlete in your home attempts a physical feat and suffers from a dental injury or trauma, there is help for you.

Depending on the force and type of injury or blow, you can potentially break or severely damage your jaw. This can result in pain due to the imbalance of your natural bite. The result will be an unnatural bite and jaw positioning. You may even begin to feel painful spasms in your jaw and neck.

If you suffer from an Olympic-inspired (or any other type of dental injury), let Bob Perkins, DDS help. Contact us today!

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