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Studio City Malibu, CA

Studio City, CA TMJ Treatment Specialist

Finding the right treatment for a TMJ condition is often complicated and frustrating. At his Southern California TMJ and Sleep Center offices, Dr. Bob Perkins offers effective pain relief. When every procedure, therapy and treatment has failed, you can trust in Dr. Perkins to provide you with a lasting solution.

Relief From TMJ Pain and Complex TMJ Symptoms

TMJ refers to the temporomandibular joint of the jaw. This joint is found behind the ear and is largely responsible for allowing you to open and close your jaw. There is often confusion around the terms “TMJ” and “Temporomandibular Disorder” (TMD) as they are used interchangeably. Both generally refer to conditions that affect the bite.

A bite that is considered improper can manifest in symptoms including tightness in the jaw, muscle problems and disrupted sleep. Other symptoms that patients may not automatically link to a TMJ condition may include ear congestion, dizziness or neck pain. As a TMJ specialist, Dr. Perkins can quickly identify whether your health problems are directly related to a TMD.

When the jaw is out of position in a way that the joint is too far back, this can put a strain on the TMJ and supporting tissues. Patients who are suffering from this type of TMD will typically have an overbite that confirms the likelihood of backward displacement. Bite is essential in determining the nature and severity of TMJ conditions because the position dictates the extent of strain on supporting muscles when speaking, laughing, smiling, chewing or drinking.

Dr. Perkins will use several diagnostic tools and techniques to determine the nature of your TMD. Once the relationship between the TMJ and surrounding anatomical features is established, Dr. Perkins will create a treatment plan to provide pain relief and restore lost function.

The Impact of Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Conditions

Most people have experienced some kind of muscle or joint strain, whether through a medical condition or injury. When such maladies impact the limbs, the sufferer will experience pain, inflammation, discomfort and restricted range of movement. Now, imagine that the affected joint is essential to communication and taking in sustenance.

TMJ conditions are in no way trivial or unimportant. When you are constantly contending with a painful, tender or stiff jaw, there are real-life implications. Eating and drinking, sleeping and socializing can become difficult or impossible. You may even experience mental health problems such as depression, anxiety and insomnia.

Some of the most common symptoms of a TMJ disorder include headaches or migraines, ear pain or congestion, facial pain, TMJ pain or clicking, neck pain, limited mouth movement and dizziness. Patients may experience one or more of these symptoms, with pain and discomfort increasing as the condition worsens over time.

Most TMJ disorders are considered degenerative in nature. This is because the dysfunction in the joint or supporting structure is not being addressed. Pain relief from medications will not last as patients build up a tolerance to prescribed drugs. Some therapies may offer temporary relief, but most patients soon discover that any benefits are short-lived and waning. The only way to achieve a permanent solution is through treatments designed to correct underlying issues with the TMJ.

Specialist TMJ Consultation

If previous TMJ treatments have failed you, there is still hope for pain relief in California. Dr. Bob Perkins has a proven track record of matching the proper treatment to each of his patients. A consultation is the first appointment in what will become a steady progression toward finding permanent relief.

Contact Southern California TMJ and Sleep Center today to book an appointment with Dr. Perkins and his team.