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TMJ Jaw Pain Relief

Does your jaw ache and cause you constant pain? You may be suffering from temporomandibular joint syndrome, or TMJ/TMD. Jaw pain is one of the many symptoms associated with TMJ, and the most common. At Bob Perkins, DDS, we offer specialized treatment for jaw pain and other symptoms of TMJ syndrome that can give you immediate relief. We serve the greater Los Angeles area at our office in Burbank, CA.

When your jaw hurts, it is hard to concentrate, sleep or enjoy your life. It can be painful to talk, laugh, eat or enjoy a tasty beverage. The jaw is a complex mechanism which can be impacted by many issues. When your bite is misaligned or too much pressure is on your jaw, you can feel pain and discomfort that will not go away without treatment. Our TMJ specialist can offer jaw pain relief. Resetting the jaw and creating balance in the mechanism can relieve pressure and stop your jaw pain for good.

Causes of Jaw Pain

When you have jaw pain that will not subside, it can be caused by many different factors. Dr. Perkins has spent decades specializing in treating TMJ syndrome, including jaw pain and dysfunction. The first step is finding the cause of the discomfort in your jaw. Some of the common contributors to jaw pain include:

  • Bite or teeth misalignment
  • Imbalanced arches
  • Trauma or injury to the face or jaw
  • Genetic disorders
  • Arthritis or other degenerative diseases
  • Stress on the jaw from teeth grinding, jaw clenching

Whatever the cause of your jaw pain, Dr. Perkins can find the right adjustments to help. He uses the most advanced equipment, materials and techniques to relieve pressure on the nerves, muscles and joints in the jaw. You will be able to get quick relief from your pain. Many of our patients have experienced immediate relief with their first treatment, with long-term results to put an end to constant jaw pain. If you live in the Los Angeles area, contact our office in Burbank to schedule your first visit and find out more about our effective treatments for TMJ and jaw pain.