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TMJ Physical Therapy

Temporomandibular joint syndrome is a blanket term used to describe many disorders that can affect the jaw joints, muscles and nerves. Symptoms can include jaw pain, dysfunction in the jaw, headaches, neck pain and many other maladies. Often, TMJ syndrome is caused by a positioning issue in the jaw. Through specialized physical therapy, the jaw and contributing factors can be manipulated and repositioned to offer relief. At Bob Perkins, DDS, in Burbank, we offer effective physical therapy to relieve TMJ symptoms for our patients in the Los Angeles area.

Causes of TMJ syndrome vary, but often they put undue stress or pressure on the jaw joint and surrounding muscles. Trauma to the jaw, arthritis, bite misalignments and arch imbalance are common causes of TMJ. Dr. Perkins offers a specialized treatment using physical therapy that can address the causes of jaw pain and other TMJ symptoms. This is a less invasive approach than many other TMJ treatments yet can offer faster and sustained relief.

TMJ Treatment for Jaw Pain Relief

Dr. Perkins has spent decades treating TMJ syndrome and has found physical therapy techniques that are effective in offering relief to sufferers of this disorder. He can locate trigger points, muscle knots and poorly balanced arches that can cause the painful symptoms of TMJ. Using physical therapy methods, he can adjust the position of the arches, relieve masseter muscle knots and release pressure on the jaw. Using massage therapy and adjustments to the lower jaw, many of our patients have immediate relief from their symptoms with this innovative and non-intrusive treatment.

If you are interested in learning more about how specialized physical therapy can relieve your jaw pain and other TMJ symptoms, contact our office in Burbank to schedule an appointment. We serve patients from throughout the Los Angeles area who are seeking treatment for TMJ and jaw pain.