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Here’s Why Your Jaw May Hurt More at Night Malibu, CA

Here’s Why Your Jaw May Hurt More at Night

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Have you noticed that your jaw seems to hurt the most first thing in the morning when you wake up?

That’s no coincidence. Sleeping can be destructive to your jaw in a few ways.

You’re Under a Bit of Stress

Nighttime bruxism or teeth-grinding is a tricky habit to deal with because you don’t know you’re doing it. If you clench your teeth during the day, you may be able to catch yourself and stop.

But this habit is very common at night, especially as a result of stress.

If you grind your teeth in your sleep, then your teeth are at risk for tooth fracture and your TMJ is prone to strain.

You’re Not Getting Enough Support

Sleeping position really matters. If your body, neck, and head aren’t being supported in ways that keep you comfortable, then this can lead to too much weight on your neck and the side of your head. Your body may be under so much subconscious stress from a bad sleeping position that this can cause teeth grinding, as well.

You’re Not Breathing Well

Do you suffer from frequent colds, allergies, or sinus infections? Struggle with obstructive sleep apnea or snoring?

Anytime you can’t breathe easily through your nose, then your jaw will have to stay open in a rather unnatural position to make a clear airway through your mouth.

Your nighttime breathing patterns could reveal the cause of your jaw pain.

Ready to finally get a good night’s rest and wake up with zero-jaw pain? Dr. Perkins has years of experience in treating both TMJ pain and sleep apnea. Contact the team at Bob Perkins, DDS in Malibu for a TMJ consultation.


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