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Does Your Jaw Click or Pop? What it Could Mean Malibu, CA


TMJ Specialists in New York NY

Does Your Jaw Click or Pop? What it Could Mean

What should you do if your jaw makes cracking, popping, or clicking sounds? That depends on what’s causing the noise. Normal Jaw Popping There is a circumstance where jaw-popping is normal. This is…

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San Francisco CA TMJ Specialists

Qualified TMJ Disorder Care

If you suffer from jaw pain, you may feel like this is something you need to learn to deal with. You may wonder if there’s any hope or help to give you relief…

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New York NY TMJ Specialists

Here’s Why Your Jaw May Hurt More at Night

Have you noticed that your jaw seems to hurt the most first thing in the morning when you wake up? That’s no coincidence. Sleeping can be destructive to your jaw in a few…

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Malibu CA TMJ Treatments

Is Your Jaw Pain Related to Poor Tooth Alignment?

Have you heard dentists or orthodontists suggest that crooked teeth can cause TMJ pain? It’s true: tooth alignment can play a role in straining your jaw. Here’s why: Crooked Teeth Are Bad for…

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New York NY TMJ Causes

6 Frequently Asked Questions about TMJ Pain

You’ve probably heard a few people complain about having “TMJ” while rubbing their temples and wincing in pain. Now that your jaw has started to ache, you’ve got a few questions about what…

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Los Angeles CA Dentist That Treats TMJ

Olympic Inspired Athleticism May Cause Olympic Inspired Accidents

Why is it that everyone is glued to the televisions during this month to watch the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang? Is it to watch the amazing feats of athleticism? Is it to fuel…

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