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TMJ Jaw Pain Relief Malibu, CA

TMJ Jaw Pain Relief

Millions of people suffer from TMJ jaw pain and seek relief from their symptoms. The temporomandibular or jaw joints are responsible for allowing the jaw to open and close, and the muscles can exert enormous pressure for biting and chewing. When there is misalignment between the upper and lower jaws or other conditions, a TMJ disorder and jaw pain can occur. At Southern California TMJ and Sleep Center, we offer treatment for TMJ jaw pain relief at our facility in San Diego, CA.

TMJ disorders can result in many aggravating symptoms, but jaw pain is the most common trait. Whenever any joint in the body is not working correctly, it can cause pain and the jaw joint is not different. TMD syndrome can result in a jaw that aches with pain also radiating into the ears, neck and even the shoulders. Patients often experience headaches or migraines, as well as dysfunction in the jaw movement. TMJ treatment can offer TMJ jaw pain relief, but it must effectively address the causes of the TMJ disorder.

Causes of Jaw Pain

Dr. Bob Perkins is a top TMJ specialist who understands the causes of jaw pain and TMD. The most common trait in all his patients with TMD syndrome is an overbite or recessed lower jaw. This condition causes undue stress and strain on the jaw joint muscles. It is an unnatural position which can cause the muscles to constantly tighten and contract, resulting in strain and a sore jaw. When the muscles in the jaw cannot relax, the surrounding tendons and muscles in the head, neck and shoulders try to alleviate the strain, causing these muscles to also become tight and stressed.

Any bite misalignment can put extra stress on the jaw joints and result in TMJ. Adjusting the bite can help reduce TMJ jaw pain, but there are other contributing causes to TMD syndrome. Bruxism (teeth grinding), jaw clenching, thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, mouth breathing and other factors can all contribute to TMJ jaw pain and functional issues in the jaw.

When you are ready to explore effective options for TMJ jaw pain relief, contact us at Southern California TMJ and Sleep Center in San Diego, CA, to schedule your TMJ jaw pain consultation with Dr. Perkins.