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San Diego TMJ & TMD Specialist

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders (TMD) can impact your jaw function, appearance and health. Individuals with TMJ or TMD may experience pain in their jaw, face and ear area, as well as functional problems. TMJ disorders often do not respond to traditional treatments, which can be frustrating for patients with TMD. Dr. Bob Perkins at Southern California TMJ and Sleep Center is a San Diego TMJ and TMD specialist who offers advanced treatment options at our facility.

TMJ or TMD is often caused by misalignment of the upper and lower jaws, putting stress on the jaw joint and associated muscles, tendons and ligaments. Typically, the patient has an overbite and a recessed lower jaw. The traditional treatments for TMJ include orthodontics to realign the jaw, which can require several months or more of treatment. Dr. Perkins offers advanced, efficient treatment that can resolve even severe TMJ symptoms quickly, usually in less than a month. To learn more about our services, visit the following pages on our website:

TMJ Syndrome Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

TMJ disorders have many possible causes, from genetics and jaw alignment to behaviors and other factors. Each patient may have different contributing factors to their symptoms. Symptoms of TMD can include pain in the jaw, lower face and by the ears. A clicking or popping when opening the mouth is common, along with earaches, locking jaw and dizziness. Some patients experience sleep apnea, snoring and neck pain, along with anxiety or depression.

At Southern California TMJ and Sleep Center, we offer minimally invasive TMJ treatment options that are personalized to the patient. Dr. Perkins’ expertise can quickly determine the best treatment for each patient. Even if you have sought TMJ treatment in the past without the outcome you desired, you can finally obtain relief with our TMD treatments. Many patients notice relief in as little as 24 hours with our TMJ treatment.

If you are ready to finally get relief from TMJ, come visit us at Southern California TMJ and Sleep Center. We are your San Diego TMJ and TMD specialist, with customized treatments for your jaw pain and other symptoms. To schedule your TMJ consultation with Dr. Perkins, contact our office in San Diego.