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TMJ Physical Therapy Malibu, CA

TMJ Physical Therapy

Like most joint disorders, TMJ disorders, or TMD, can be caused by a wide variety of issues that impact the joint. There is not a one-size-fits-all treatment that will work for every patient with TMD syndrome – it requires a customized approach to obtain pain relief and improved jaw function. Dr. Bob Perkins is a respected TMJ specialist who utilizes various treatments to obtain relief for his patients. One of the options we offer at Southern California TMJ and Sleep Center in San Diego, CA, is TMJ physical therapy.

TMD syndrome is caused by stress on the jaw joint and the surrounding muscles, tendons and structures. This is often caused by an overbite or recessed lower jaw, but many factors can contribute to the misalignment of the jaw and stress on the joints. Dr. Perkins has an arsenal of TMJ treatments that can effectively restore better function and relieve pain. Whenever possible, conservative, non-invasive approaches are used to obtain relief, including TMJ physical therapy.

Non-Invasive TMJ Treatments

Physical therapy involves using exercises, stretching, strengthening and other treatments to relieve disorders. Similar to joint disorders in the arms, legs and other areas, temporomandibular joint problems can benefit from physical therapy. There are ways to improve the function of the jaw and relax the muscles using physical therapy techniques.

One of the physical therapy options we use to diagnose and relieve TMD syndrome is TENS. This interventional pain therapy uses electrical impulses to help interrupt nerve signals to the targeted muscles. When TENS therapy is effective, Dr. Perkins can use this information to create a long-term treatment plan for patients with TMD syndrome. In some cases, TMJ physical therapy can be effective at providing pain and symptom relief without the need for more invasive treatments.

If you have headaches, jaw pain and other symptoms of TMD syndrome, there are innovative and non-invasive treatments that may offer relief. To learn more about TMJ physical therapy and other TMD treatments we offer, contact us at Southern California TMJ and Sleep Center in San Diego to schedule a consultation.