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TMJ/TMD Symptoms Malibu, CA

TMJ & TMD Symptoms

Temporomandibular joint disorders, also called TMJ or TMD, can cause a wide variety of painful and irritating symptoms. This joint is located by the ears – when it is strained or out of alignment, it can cause a wide variety of symptoms in the neck, ears, face, jaw and head. At Southern California TMJ and Sleep Center in San Diego, we specialize in innovative TMJ treatments that can restore jaw alignment and relieve TMJ and TMD symptoms.

TMJ disorders are almost always caused by a lower jaw that is too far back, causing misalignment. When the lower jaw is recessed due to genetics, environment or behavioral issues, it puts constant stress on the muscles in the jaw and face. TMJ and TMD symptoms are due to this strain, which can impact sleep, jaw function and much more. When the jaw muscles cannot relax, they are bound to be sore and irritated 24/7.

Common TMD Syndrome Symptoms

If you held one of your arms above your head all day long, you would likely have constant arm, shoulder and other pain. The same is true when your jaw muscles are constantly adjusting due to misalignment. The muscles become tight and sore, and they can affect the other surrounding tissues. There is a long list of TMJ symptoms that can occur, including these common indicators of jaw misalignment:

  • Jaw, neck and facial pain
  • Jaw dysfunction – popping, grinding, clicking, locking or not opening fully
  • Earaches, tinnitus (ringing in the ear) and ear congestion
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Sleep disorders – snoring, mouth breathing and sleep apnea

While not necessarily symptoms of TMD syndrome, there are also accompanying conditions that are common with patients with TMJ. Depression and anxiety can occur, as well as appearance concerns. The face proportions can seem unbalanced, and some patients can look older due to the recessed jawline.

TMD treatment using our customized approach can give patients fast relief from the TMJ symptoms. We can often begin treatment during your initial visit and many patients begin feeling relief from pain and other symptoms within a few days. If the temporary treatment is effective for relieving TMD symptoms, we can begin creating a permanent treatment plan for long-term relief. To learn more, contact us at Southern California TMJ and Sleep Center in San Diego, CA, to schedule your TMJ consultation.