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TMJ/TMD Treatment Malibu, CA

TMJ Treatment

When individuals suffer from TMJ or TMD symptoms, it can impact more than just their jaw. Patients typically do have jaw pain and dysfunction, but they may also experience headaches, earaches, depression, anxiety and sleep disorders. TMJ treatment needs to address the underlying causes that are putting stress on the jaw joint. At Southern California TMJ and Sleep Center, we offer advanced, effective TMJ treatment that is customized to the patient at our facility in San Diego, CA.

Dr. Bob Perkins is recognized as one of the leading TMJ specialists in the country. His innovative treatments for temporomandibular joint disorders have helped thousands of his patients find relief. TMJ disorders are almost always caused by an overbite or recessed lower jaw. When this jaw alignment occurs, it puts constant stress on the muscles and components in the jaw. It also presses back into the throat and ear area, causing many other TMJ symptoms. Dr. Perkins utilizes advanced TMD syndrome treatment to realign the bite and almost immediately improve TMJ symptoms.

Jaw Realignment

It is common for TMJ treatment to focus on bite alignment, but it is not always successful. Each patient may have different contributing factors to their TMD, from structural conditions in their jaw to lifestyle and environmental issues. Dr. Perkins can perform a thorough TMJ exam and imaging to determine the best TMD treatment. In most cases, a temporary treatment can be performed during your first visit to adjust the jaw position and relax the stress on the jaw joint. Many patients begin noticing pain relief within a few days and other symptoms dissipating over a few weeks. If the temporary jaw adjustment is effective, Dr. Perkins will recommend permanent TMJ treatment for long-term relief.

Effective TMJ treatment can improve your jaw, neck, face, other pain and jaw function. Many patients also improve their sleep apnea, behavioral disorders and facial appearance. It is worthwhile to come to us to meet with one of the top TMJ specialists in the country to determine the best treatment option for your condition.

Imagine obtaining relief for your TMJ syndrome symptoms in as little as a few days. To schedule your TMJ consultation, contact us at Southern California TMJ and Sleep Center in San Diego. We offer advanced and innovative TMJ treatment that is personalized to your specific needs.